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Katra Phytochem flagship product, XanMax is developed using most eco-friendly patented process to deliver Maximum Xanthophyll, Maximum Purity, ensuring Maximum Bioavailability in any dosage form.


Solanum lycopersicum
The edible red fruit of the nightshade, Solanum lycopersicum belonging to the botanical family Solanaceae, is the commonly consumed Tomato fruit. Originating from the South American Andes, the fruit is now grown throughout the world. The red color of the fruit is attributed to the chief active constituent, Lycopene, a carotenoids group of fat-soluble natural pigment. The fruit finds wide applications in food flavorings, food coloring and also as an important health supplement. Tomato is consumed in diverse ways, including raw, salads, sauces , in juices and beverages.

Tomatene is the extracted principle from the fruits of Solanum lycopersicum, by a unique extraction process that incorporates a stepwise carefully controlled concentration, fractionation of the extract, enrichment, and purification by crystallization to yield the bright red crystalline compound constituting 90% lycopene in the product. The unique technology followed in the controlled thermal processes allows to completely retain the actives without any loss due to oxidation. Tomatene is free from any residual epoxide carotenoids.