Products for soft Gelatin capsules
10% -  20 % Trans-Lutein at various concentrations of Trans-Zeaxanthin in edible oil.

Products for hard Gelatin Capsules/Tablets
5% and 10% Beadlets of Trans-Lutein at various concentrations of Trans-Zeaxanthin.

High Pure Products for Bulk formulation
High pure crystals from 70% to 95% Total carotenoids with combinations of Trans Lutein and Trans-Zeaxanthin at various levels.

Water Soluble Liquids
Lutol 3% to 15% [ 3% Trans Lutein to 15% Trans Lutein with Trans Zeaxanthin] at various combinations.
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Quick Facts:

What is XanMax: XanMax is more than Lutein, it is a unique combination of free Lutein with varying levels of Trans-Zeaxanthin, manufactured from carefully selected marigold plants.

Why is XanMax
different: No other product on the market can supply this two-in-one concept, produced from the same bio-source and through one single process, with no addition of any active substance from any other source than marigold. XanMax is produced via a unique ecology-friendly and patented process that does not use any class II solvents. XanMax was developed based on sound scientific data that demonstrates the strong health benefits of free Lutein in combination with high levels of trans-Zeaxanthin”.

XanMax – unmatched guarantees:
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Research & Development
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Both compounds are extracted jointly - Zeaxanthin is not blended in
Trans-Zeaxanthin in XanMax
does not require Novel Food approval in Europe
Global Freedom-to-Operate for Lutein and Zeaxanthin, evaluated and confirmed by 3rd party law  firms in India and the US
100% natural product
Most ecological-friendly process (no class 2 solvents) with process and composition being patent protected
No use of ethoxiquin in any part of the supply chain
Entire supply chain under own QCA control, from planting the seeds until supplying the most adapted product forms for our customers needs

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