Growth Pattern
Katra Phytochem started out in the year 1996 as Agro Biochem Pvt. Ltd. engaged in the farming and cultivation of marigold flowers through non GMO seeds. Marigold farming has contributed to the growth of our association with the farmers from 50 to a family which is 5000. An Oleoresin plant constructed at close vicinity ensured immediate processing of collected marigold flowers to Oleoresin, preserving the Lutein content. The output food grade oleoresin was exported to some of the leaders of the industry for further conversion.
The urge to improve saw us working on the processes to constantly improve the purity of oleoresin and eventually set up a plant to convert oleoresin to Lutein and Lutein esters. Today Katra Phytochem has a unique patented process for the manufacture of Lutein, Lutein esters, Zeaxanthin and its several formulations.
Lutein Patent adjudged as Innovative, Inventive and Industrially applicable across all the 18 claims by the International Search Authority (ISA) report.
Purification of free Lutein upto 85% w/w determined by HPLC.
First Patent granted on the isolation and Purification of Carotenoids Crystals from Marigold flowers US Patent # 7,622,599.
Purification of Natural Trans-Lutein and Natural Trans-Zeaxanthin to around 90% with varying ratio of Natural Trans-Lutein and Natural Trans-Zeaxanthin like 10:1, 5:1, 1:1 etc.
Isolation and Purification of Natural Beta carotene crystals to a purity of above 95% from Dunaliella salina and Blakeslea trispora.
Development of a special grade of Free-Flowing Lutein Ester concentrate with purity above 85%.
Isolation and Purification of Natural Lycopene crystals to a purity of above 95% from Tomatoes and Blakeslea trispora.
Isolation and Purification of Natural Steviosides to a purity of above 90% and Rebaudiosides to a purity above 95% from Stevia rebaudiana leaves.
Combinations of Pure Natural Trans-Lutein and Natural Trans-Zeaxanthin to deliver custom compositions.
Design of CWS/TG beadlets with the best in class bioavailability and stability.
Design of Oil suspensions with varied compositions of Natural Trans-Lutein and Natural Trans-Zeaxanthin.
Cold-water-soluble forms of Lutein Esters, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Beta carotene and Lycopene
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