Milestones since launch
Agro biochem Pvt Ltd. Farming operations started in Teligi village, with just over 50 farmers  to cultivate Marigold flowers.
Oleoresin plant setup in Harihar, Karnataka to convert fresh flowers to oleoresin
Set up of research Laboratory and pilot facility for Carotenoid isolation from Marigold flowers
Associated with Parry Nutraceuticals (Division of EID Parry) as Distributor for Lutein products
Process for the manufacture of Lutein Esters and formulations
Forming of Katra Phytochem Pvt Limited
Beadlets and Lutein-in-Oil/ Water formulations developed
Cold-Water-Dispersible (CWS) Lutein forms developed
Setting up of a state-of-the- art cGMP compliant manufacturing facility with analytical capabilities for Carotenoids in Attibele, Bangalore.
Filed the first Patent under PCT.
Accredited with ISO certification.
Kosher, HACCP & Halal Certification.
Developed a unique process for the isolation of Beta Carotene from both Dunaliella salina and Blakeslea trispora, Lycopene from both Tomatoes and Blakeslea trispora , other Carotenoids and its formulations
First-of-its-kind organic-friendly Lutein manufacturing process developed
Developed a unique process for the Isolation and purification of Natural Trans-Zeaxanthin from Marigold
Launched XanMax
, A distinctive composition of Lutein and Zeaxanthin
Freedom to Operate (FTO) for unique manufacturing process of Lutein Crystals
Patent for unique process and composition of Natural Trans-Lutein and Natural Trans-Zeaxanthin filed with the US Patent office
Association with Koyo to Promote XanMax
in Japan
Diversified research to include actives from herbals including a natural sweetener
Renamed as Katra Phytochem (India) Private Limited
First patent granted on the Isolation and Purification of Carotenoids Crystals from Marigold   flowers US Patent # 7,622,599
Commenced Clinical Trials on XanMax
for its Bioavailability and Bioequivalence studies
Growth Pattern
XanMax: XanMaX offers a unique product line of Trans-Lutein and high levels of Trans-Zeaxanthin in varied combinations.
Lutein Esters: Lutein Esters product lines are with high pure concentrates and bulk formulations.
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Katra Phytochem started out in the year 1996 as Agro Biochem Pvt. Ltd. engaged in the farming and cultivation of marigold flowers through non GMO seeds. Marigold farming has contributed to the growth of our association with the farmers from 50 to a family which is 5000.
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